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Social Help

La Cuesta de Cayma Hotel is a non lucrative company formed under the initiative of the Santa Catalina Monastery Dominican Sisters.

Thanks to your support we can develop a permanent labor of social aid that contributes to sustaining Institutions that offer support to abandoned women, children and the elderly in Arequipa.

Casa de la Mujer

Casa de la Mujer is amongst the beneficiaries of La Cuesta de Cayma Hotel. Casa de la Mujer offers shelter and protects families formed by mothers and children in vulnerable state due to domestic violence.

Casa de la Mujer’s main goal is to offer constant support to the sheltered families with specialized doctors and talks about psychological, spiritual and moral help in order to strengthen the autonomy and social reintegration of these. Furthermore. Casa de la Mujer offers education opportunities for children as well as professional development workshops for the mothers.

Feeding Centre "Beata Madre Teresa de Calcuta y Ana de los Ángeles"

Located in the center of the city, the social aid support that “Beata Madre Teresa de Calcuta y Ana de los Ángeles” feeding centre offers is directed mainly to the adult and elderly population of Arequipa, who don’t have the economical means or family support to satisfy their feeding needs.

More tan 120 000 meals have been distributed amongst children who work on the street, the elderly and people with disabilities thanks to the funds raised by the hotel.

Home for special children San Anibal Di Franci

Home for special children San Anibal Di Franci is conformed by professional volunteers, priests and missionary nuns whose purpose is to shelter, raise, educate and love children with special abilities that arrive to the shelter.

Every individual that works in San Anibal takes the responsibility of being a father or mother figure for the children in order to create a familiar environment for every child that will ensure their development and quality of life. Currently, the shelter is expanding its installations to offer more spaces for education and therapy for the children that live in the place whose needs are covered in an integral form thanks to the support that La Cuesta de Cayma Hotel offers to the shelter.


Another project, which the hotel supports, is the Home for Special Children "San José Benito Cottolengo". This home gives attention to children and young people with special abilities en states of poverty or abandonment. They also give shelter, support and educational opportunities to girls and women with low income.

The home, directed by missionary nuns and a team of professional volunteers, offers physical, human, psychological and spiritual care to all the children that live in the shelter. Together with their “spiritual mothers “the children grow up and develop, finding a place in society and the opportunities to be independent.